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Let’s light it up Blue!

World Autism Awareness Day is April 2nd, and to celebrate, hundreds of thousands of people are coming together to Light It Up Blue!

Iconic landmarks around the world will Light It Up Blue to show their support.

When I see something like the Sydney Opera House in hues of blue, I’m struck with how beautiful something can be that is different than how it was first intended to be seen. The rich beauty we see in this picture, is because of that difference.
April is World Autism Awareness month. Autism awareness is more important than ever – autism prevalence has increased 78% in 5 years and continues to rise. This increase can only be partly explained by improved diagnosis and awareness.
Perhaps you read our March 2013 blog post, “To Ryan, with Love“, and remember why this is so near and dear to our hearts. My nephew, Ryan continues to amaze and impress us on a daily basis. His latest accomplishment, getting his driver’s license!

Ryan and his proud momma (my sister and business partner) pose outside DMV, after he passed with flying colors!

FUN IDEA: Stage a “blue out” in your classroom or school on Wednesday April 2. Ask all students to wear BLUE. Not only will it be fun, but students will no doubt feel the value in raising awareness and showing support for an important cause. Place a blue light bulb in your classroom, your school hallway or even your front porch! Together let’s light it up BLUE!
Have a great week! :)
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Testing season is upon us!

Together, we can help all your students ROCK THE TEST!

Sometimes we wonder whether the teachers or the students actually dread testing season more? We understand the stress of testing season and we’re here to help with our new testing bundle packs!

A cost-effective, positive and fun way to encourage SUCCESS in every student!


For our Texas customers, we’ve got a special bundle tailored to the STAAR test. And for those of you in Florida, we have a testing bundle tailored to the FCAT.



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Are you ready to get your marchin’ boots on for fun March reading opportunities?!

Do you have a full day planned for Read Across America this coming Monday March 3? “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” We hope you enjoy RAA with your students! 


Another great reading opportunity in March is the Iditaread! Take your students on an extraordinary reading journey in conjunction with the amazing journey of mushers and sled dog teams known as the IDITAROD. The race begins March 1 and goes through mid March. The Iditarod race is set up perfectly to allow students to follow each step of the race, while reaching their reading goals as they watch the Iditarod participants reach their racing goals.

EVERYTHING you need for your own Iditaread Program is included in this FREE DOWNLOAD! This Iditaread packet comes complete with: Participant Certificate, Letter to Parents, Reading Records, Tally Sheets, and much more. (Content and materials in this packet provided by: Iditarod Education Department)


Another really cool reading idea: Encourage your students to review the books they read. I was amazed when a friend told me about a 5th grader that created a blog to share reviews of the books he’s read. Since it’s inception, this young blogger has continued to post reviews once or twice monthly. The reviews are short and to the point, and at the end of each review, he rates the book or movie in “worms,” five worms being the highest reward. How cool is that!? Encourage your students to check out his blog, and subscribe to it, or start one of their own!

So “March on”… and try new and fun twists on important reading dates to peak your students’ interest in reading. Because as the wise Dr, Seuss says: “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”  :)

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It’s a WIN WIN!


Refer your PRINCIPAL and both of you will be entered into our PRI (Principal Referral Incentive) program.

We  announce winners EVERY month during the 2013-2014 school year. Sign-ups stay in the drawing from month to month, so there are a lot of chances to win.

It’s simple:

Teacher: Forward this blog to the principal of your school. 

Principal: Sign up in the gray bar at the top of our homepage. Note: in the survey pulldown menu, scroll to “teacher at my school” for how you heard about Takes less than a minute!

That’s it!

If you haven’t already, you will see how students LOVE collecting these powerful little motivators!

Congratulations to our February PRINCIPAL and TEACHER winners of Oliver P Lent K-8 School.

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Any Shape! Any Size!

Many of you have asked about custom shaped decals, and as always, we’re listening and we appreciate the feedback. Well, they are here! Perfect for car bumpers, car windows, school windows, notebooks/folders— just about anywhere! You name the size and the shape and we’ll produce your unique eye-catching FULL COLOR CUSTOM SHAPE DECAL.

Did we mention easy installation? If you’ve ever applied regular vinyl decals, you know what a headache the trapped air bubbles can be. Our new full color custom shape decals are “rapid air” decals. If an air bubble appears, you just press on it and the air disperses immediately.

Easy peasy to get a quote: click image.Full_Color_Decals-4

While our amazing designers are busy designing fun and colorful decals, they still have time to create new fun and effective BragTags®. Check out these super cute I Follow Directions the First Time BragTags along with others in this new series of citizenship BragTags®.


Positive recognition goes a long way, especially when it comes to good citizenship. Not only will this recognition benefit your students, but you’ll benefit from the results as well. Gotta love that!

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Some things are hard to read about, and harder still to talk about. But it is critical, even imperative that we do. We must do this in the name of love.

LOVE146 is an organization with a vision: “The abolition of child trafficking and exploitation. Nothing less.”

As educators with access to children on a daily basis, your role in “prevention education” (teaching children how to protect themselves) is not only vital, it is crucial. You will no doubt help a child during their lifetime more than you will ever know.

“The best people to prevent the trafficking of children are children themselves. Prevention Education acts as a vaccine to this social ill.”

This Valentine’s Day, we at are partnering with our customers and LOVE146 to help end trafficking and exploitation of children. Every time you use promotional code LOVE146 during checkout, you will receive an EXTRA 5% off your order, AND we will donate 5% of every order total to LOVE146.


LOVE146: “Her name became a number. Her number became our name.”

…Her number was 146. She was looking beyond the glass. She was staring out at us with a piercing gaze. There was still fight left in her eyes. There was still life left in this girl… read more

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THANK YOU everyone for taking the time to comment on the new Common Core State Standards. We love hearing from you, your thoughts and comments are very insightful and interesting.

Congratulations to the BragTag® winners:

Jessica C and Concerned

Thanks again EVERYONE, as educators you have your fingers on the pulse of our youth more than anyone, and we at appreciate all you do for your students every day!



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WIN BRAGTAGS®! – Common Core Discussion


Are you in a state that has adopted the Common Core State Standards? In 2014-2015, new tests will be administered, replacing the old state exams, to gauge whether teachers and students are meeting the goals laid out by Common Core. This is obviously a complex matter that warrants healthy discussion.

CCSS is a hot topic, and we’d like to know what you think. Please leave a comment on this blog post with your thoughts and opinions on the Common Core State Standards. How do you think it has or will affect you and/or your students. There are no right or wrong comments, we’d simply like to hear your opinion.

TWO LUCKY WINNERS will be chosen from the comments. So leave us a comment with your thoughts on CCSS, and you may WIN 100 BragTags® of your choice along with 24″ neck chains.

Winners will be announced January 22nd. 

Whether Common Core or a different state assessment, or a project all your own… we ‘re trying to make it easy to cost effectively motivate your students to achieve GREAT SUCCESS! Our powerful READING, MATH and LITERATURE BRAGTAGS work!

EVERY student deserves recognition, so it is our goal to make BragTags affordable enough for you to recognize and reward EVERY student in your school. Soon you will see how students clamor to collect these powerful motivators! Bring on the Common Core State Standards— you’re ready!




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Countdown – 100 Days of School!

We believe children should be rewarded for their accomplishments, not with a three-foot high trophy, but with a smile, a comment, and occasionally a tangible reward that they can savor for a while before fading away and becoming one of the many encouraging and motivating experiences in their lives.

Our goals are quite simple, we hope to help you encourage children to: 1) come to school, 2) behave while there, 3) master what is taught and 4) have fun.

We are counting down to the 100th day of school with these 4 goals in mind!

René, one of our super star designers, has created a clever 100th Day Workbook packed with fun worksheets for students to complete. This workbook also includes a full color “I’m 100 Days Smarter” certificate!



We hope this FREE DOWNLOAD helps you get a head start on a very fun event for teachers, staff and of course students!

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