Ease into “Back to School”

The closer we get to “Back to School” season, it seems our sweet friend “Miss Summer Vacation” tends to speed up! Fret not, we’re here to help! You can ease into “Back to School” preparation while still enjoying summer fun.

Check out our friend Ashleigh’s Education Journey blog “Smooth Sailing for a New Year“.

smooth sailing

Not only does she share GREAT tips, she’s also offering gift cards to redeem for the most powerful little motivators around! BragTags®! 

So relax and enjoy more of your summer, while subtly easing into preparation for a successful school year!


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Calendar and Schedule Magnet Discount (through July 31)

This summer you can be SMART, THRIFTY and get everyone ORGANIZED!

10% discount on all calendar and schedule magnets. Valid until July 31.

It’s so easy! We offer FREE online proofs!


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We enjoyed the Texas Elementary Principal and Supervisor Association Convention!

The TEPSA conference was fun and exciting for We are so proud to receive such positive feedback about our BragTags® and our other motivational products! The stories we heard about how much our BragTags motivate students, were truly heartwarming. We can not say enough how much we love our customers, and how much public education means to us. Like you, we feel that motivating children to be happy successful contributing members of society is crucial for everyone’s future. It is nice to talk to (and partner with) people that share the vision of furthering the progress of education.

Of course “staffing” our School Life booth was a family affair, which made it even more fun. Our dad was not only the brains and brawn of the operation, he was also the photographer, albeit an “iPhone” photographer, (who needs clear pictures anyway). :)

BragTags y’all!

Along with our dad (a former principal, a successful business owner, a not so successful retiree, and now, our business partner), our cute Momma helped set up and also manned our booth. She is the consummate professional, so at ease and natural talking to principals and supervisors. It helps that she was a principal herself at a large high school in Texas for almost 20 years. In fact, our more than capable mom, was the first woman principal ever in that particular school district!

School Life booth at TEPSA

School Life booth at TEPSA

We at School Life look forward to setting up our booth in many states in the future. We’d like to meet as many customers (we like to call partners) and potential partners as we possibly can!

Thank you to ALL of our partners in EVERY state across the United States. We sincerely appreciate you, and hope everyone has a very happy summer! :)


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Congratulations MAY Motivational BragTag® WINNERS!

Congratulations to our MAY winners! Derby Hills Elementary in Woodlawn, KS!

The principal and referring teacher will each receive FREE BragTags® for their students.

These fun and colorful BragTags® are powerful little motivators, and can be used for end of year awards or for the beginning of next school year. Not to mention they are easy on the budget!

There is one month left! (June). If you haven’t referred your principal for a chance to win, it’s not too late! 

Congratulation to ALL of the monthly winners so far, and good luck to everyone.

We hope the end of your school year is smooth and super successful! Thank you for all you do every day! :)


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Use your “teacher appreciation” discount code this week!

We’re offering a special discount until the end of the week, just for you!

Use 4TEACHER all this week on any tag and tag accessory order and receive a 20% discount!

THANK YOU each and every teacher, librarian, counselor, administrator and principal! You are very much appreciated TODAY and EVERY DAY.


Students love BragTags® because they are colorful and fun to collect! Educators love BragTags® because they are powerful little motivators, and easy on the budget! Below are just some of our NEW BragTags®! Check them all out!


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! :)

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Award and recognition items go a long way!

Happy Earth Day!

We’d like to say thank you to all who teach our youth the importance of creating a sustainable, healthy environment. So CHEERS to you for “greening up” Mother Earth!

While we’re “cheering” all of you wonderful educators, we’d like to give you something to cheer about. Let us make rewarding and recognizing your student’s efforts throughout the school year, effortless, and cost-effective for you! Can you believe it is time to think about the end of the school year and the beginning of summer!


Use promo code: SPRINGFUN, to DOUBLE your online discounts on BragTags® and tag accessories.

Keep up your “student award and recognition early planning” by checking out our new PERFECT ATTENDANCE BragTags®! As many of you know, these little tags are incredibly powerful motivators!


Another big CHEERS to you for planning ahead to reward and recognize your students!

Have a great week!

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Use Promo code: SPRINGFUN

Plan now for end of year, and save! This spring, it’s easy to spring into action…

Use promo code SPRINGFUN!

Not only are you smart, thrifty and cool, you’re sure to be admired by everyone in your school!







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